Engineering Drawing Guide for Students and Professional Engineers – Fourth Edition

The main purpose of this guide is to ensure adherence to the ISO Standards and Conventions; the universal engineering language used in industry. It has many illustrations, step by step examples and exercises with model answers, which are aligned to the mechanical engineering code of drafting practice.


2D and 3D Perspectives, inside and outside the box!

This guide has been used (amongst other universities), by the faculty of engineering at the University of Stellenbosch for the past five years, for first year students. Likewise the University of KwaZulu-Natal has used it since its initial edition in 1996. It is not suggested that this guide replace any other technical drawing texts used at schools and colleges, however, it may complement or supplement the student’s studies and their overall understanding of the fundamentals used in engineering drawing and design. In addition, it may also be helpful to apprentices in the engineering environment.

This guide was specifically designed for 1st year university students, especially those who were not exposed to technical drawing at school. It has also successfully assisted final year students at university with their research and project work.

Sample drawings of the various perspective drawing lessons.

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It is with great pleasure to confirm that Mr S. B. Joelson is the Faculty of Engineering sole supplier of the “ENGINEERING DRAWING GUIDE for Students and Professional Engineers” textbook.

Mr S. B. Joelson is very proactive and professional and always keeps the Faculty of Engineering up to date with new developments regarding the “ENGINEERING DRAWING GUIDE for Students and Professional Engineers”.

We strongly recommend his services.

Mr Ulrich Smith (Technical Officer), University of Stellenbosch

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Sydney B Joelson the author and supplier of the 4th edition “ENGINEERING DRAWING GUIDE for Student and Professional Engineers“, has been supplying Van Schalk Bookstores with this textbook since 2012.

His service, processing and fulfilment of orders are excellent.

Stephan Erasmus (Managing Director), Van Schalk Bookstores

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The “ENGINEERING DRAWING GUIDE for Students and Professional Engineers” is an excellent teaching aid for mechanical design and technical drawing, and it helps staff in their teaching of various courses. His generous donation of the “3rd Edition – Revised” books will be distributed to the final year mechanical engineering students.

“I would like to thank Sydney for his continuous support of the Discipline of Mechanical Engineering over many years.”

Dr. Jared Padayachee (Senior Lecturer & Programme Coordinator), University of KwaZulu-Natal

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This book is a perfect learning aid for students who have not been familiar with engineering drawing. The additional standards, conventions and explanations for manufacturing drawings in particular are an important addition for reference to anyone who needs a refresher when producing drawings. The additional link between manual drawing, and CAD makes the use of this manual possible with any teaching method.

Kirsty Veale 2015 - 2017, MscEng. BScEng. (Mechanical) - Lecturer, University of KwaZulu-Natal.

The Engineering Drawing Guide has become a staple resource for Mechanical Engineering students at all levels of the curriculum at UKZN. As the prescribed textbook for the Engineering Drawing module for the School of Engineering, it includes material from the fundamentals of engineering drawing all the way through to Computer-Aided Drawing and Design. It is also a very handy reference guide for senior students and graduates to consult when producing design drawings. Having been developed concurrently with teaching Engineering Drawing over a very long period of time, the Engineering Drawing Guide addresses many of the common questions and difficulties that students face when first introduced to the subject, through well thought out examples and exercises. This makes the life of a drawing lecturer significantly easier.

Louwrens Johannes Butler 2011 – 2014, BEng (Mechanical) – University of Stellenbosch. MscEng – University of KwaZulu-Natal. Coordinator of Engineering Drawing in the School of Engineering, UKZN
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Sydney B Joelson

The information in this guide has been accumulated, formulated, and compiled over decades of experience working in industry and education. Mr. Joelson’s experience in the industrial sector as a toolmaker and draftsman provided the foundation for his lecturing post at Durban Technical College and then the University of Natal, now the University of KwaZulu-Natal, where it became apparent that this book would address the necessary drawing requirements in engineering. His passion was to simplify the drawing experience; to guide students both in tertiary institutions and industry; fulfilling the main purpose in education, namely, to proceed from the known to the unknown, encouraging students with the old adage “practice makes perfect”.

The book logically starts with Drawing Standards and Conventions: “The International Organization for Standardization (ISO)”, and summarizes all the possible specifications that students may use, by examples; illustrating each application separately.

Computer Aided Design and Drafting is used in Architectural, Surveying, Civil, Electrical, Chemical, Agricultural and Mechanical Engineering environments. Sydney Joelson has enriched and empowered hundreds, if not thousands of engineering students by means of using CADD and his extensive engineering drawing and design experience. This successful combination has culminated in the publication of the “ENGINEERING DRAWING GUIDE for Students and Professional Engineers”, which makes the transition from drawing board to computer aided drawing effortless.

Leoni van der Merwe: Customer Care Manager, Caddie, Centurion, Pretoria.

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